The European Commission is currently conducting an evaluation of the implementation of the EU Framework EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies  (NRIS). This framework was adopted in 2011 in order to encourage Member States to develop and implement national strategies for promoting Roma inclusion in the fields of employment, education, housing and health.

The evaluation follows-up on the Commission’s Midterm Review of the EU Framework, which was published in August 2017 and analyses the impact of national strategies covering the past five years, based on input from national authorities, civil society and other partners. The review finds that the main achievement of the framework has been the increased political commitment to support Roma people and address Roma integration. It recognises that the impact on Roma people has remained limited. Some progress has been made in the field of education, while several challenges persist in the other areas, which are access to the labour market, access to housing and health as well as fighting discrimination.

The evaluation aims at carrying out a deeper analysis of the situation in EU Member States. Therefore, this consultation targets in particular national or local level organisations who work with Roma. As this is a key channel for providing your analysis and influencing the future EU Roma strategy, we strongly encourage Eurodiaconia members working with Roma to reply to the consultation.

To reply to the consultation, access the online survey questionnaire.  Consultation deadline: 9th of February.

If you want to learn more about the Midterm Review of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies (NRIS), have a look at our news article.