In line with the aim of linking its members to serve for solidarity and justice, Eurodiaconia intends to bridge the gap between the concrete reality of its members’ experience in the area of poverty and social exclusion and EU policies.

To do so, Eurodiaconia

  • monitors EU policies and strategies in the area of poverty and social exclusion
  • takes part in the consultation and participation mechanisms at EU level
  • advocates on EU policies, drawing on its members’ experience and expertise
  • equips its members to take part in the process at national level
  • networks with Institutions, NGOs, to share ideas and good practices

Eurodiaconia is currently concentrating its work on the follow-up of the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy’s objective of inclusive growth, and the process of the European Platform against poverty. It also works on specific issues such as the impact of the financial and economic crisis, financial inclusion and over-indebtedness, homelessness, child and family poverty, and other issues of interest to its members.


To know more about Eurodiaconia’s work on extreme poverty, please contact Clotilde at